Flavor is Fabulous

Flavor is Fabulous

Herbs are a great way to add dynamic flavor without salt!
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“Eating well is about more than just food on a plate–it’s a ceremony, a celebration, and an art form. I believe that eating artfully is the easiest way to enhance your day-to-day life. We eat every single day, and if we really stop to savor it, then our world becomes richer. It’s that simple. So take a moment to a brew a beautiful cup of tea, gather around a table with your friends, enjoy a meaningful meal. Because quality food is sustenance for our spirits as much as our stomachs.”
–Alisa Barry, creator of Bella Cucina

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Greetings From Environmental Science Club!

Hello! We’re glad you’ve visited our blog. Here you will find easy, tasty, AND healthy recipes fit for everyone–even college students! Our mission is to equip you with the right tools to maintain a healthy university lifestyle. This semester, GCSU Environmental Science Club is focusing on implementing the Real Food Challenge (http://www.realfoodchallenge.org/) into our dining system. To begin this revolution we must start building from the ground up, and that starts with YOU! So get excited for tasty, scrumptious, delicious, savory, wholesome, sustainable, delectable, fabulous and overall healthy dishes and treats.

Cheers, Environmental Science Club

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